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As you know, most of the shops are shut because of the COVID-19 restrictions. We cannot physically go into our local retailers and many of us are shopping more on line now than we ever did. The problem is that when you search for something, more often than not, the first page of results brings up retailers with plenty of money to spend on marketing, and frequently these are overseas.…

Allergens in food: scientific advice updated

This article is taken from the European Food Safety Agency and was published as an EFSA News Story on 26 November 2014.

EFSA has updated its scientific advice on food allergens. The Authority's Scientific Opinion looks in detail at all the allergenic products and substances whose presence in food must be…

Quality Training for Food Companies Selling in the UK

Group Learner Ltd. is based in Co. Donegal and provides a compliance training system for the Food industry. They have just signed an exclusive agreement with the UK's Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH) that fully Accredits and Endorses their Food training platform. What this means is that all their customers are now meeting the required compliance level as set out but CIEH - the leading…

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