New Food Labelling is now here!

On the 13 December 2014, new rules on the provision of food information to the consumer became applicable (Regulation (EU) No 1169/2011).   The changes are pretty extensive and cover:
•Presentation of Mandatory Particulars
•Mandatory Food Information
•Same Field of Vision
•Product Name
•Refined Oils and Fats
•Date of Minimum Durability
•Nutrition Declaration
Nutrition declartion
•Front of Pack Nutrition Labelling
•Country of Origin
•Distance Selling
•Date of Application of the new regulation - it applies from 13th December, 2014, with the exception of:
(a) point (l) of Article 9(1) (mandatory nutrition declaration), which will apply from 13th December, 2016, and, (b) Part B of Annex VI (specific requirements regarding the designation of minced meat), which will apply from 1st January, 2014. Food Information is defined as   "information concerning a food and made available to the final consumer by means of a label, other accompanying material, or any other means including modern technology tools or verbal communication". Guide to Food Law cover The Regulation applies to food business operators at all stages of the food chain, where their activities concern the provision of food information to consumers. It applies to all foods intended for the final consumer, including foods delivered by mass caterers, and foods intended for supply to mass caterers. The Regulation also applies to catering services provided by transport undertakings when the departure takes place on the territories of the Member States to which the Treaties apply. In addition to these general rules, certain products require the provision of additional mandatory information. Information on these requirements can be found under the specific product information here. Mandatory Information The following mandatory information must appear on the label of a prepacked food: (a) the name of the food* (b) the list of ingredients (c) any ingredient or processing aid listed in Annex II  to FIC or derived from a substance or product listed in Annex II to FIC causing allergies or intolerances used in the manufacture or preparation of a food and still present in the finished product, even if in an altered form (d) the quantity of certain ingredients or categories of ingredients (e) the net quantity of the food* (f) the date of minimum durability or the 'use by' date (g) any special storage conditions and/or conditions of use (h) the name or business name and address of the food business operator referred to in Article 8(1) of FIC (i) the country of origin or place of provenance where its absence may mislead the consumer as to the true origin or provenance of the food or where country of origin is specifically required under legislation (j) instructions for use where it would be difficult to make appropriate use of the food in the absence of such instructions (k) with respect to beverages containing more than 1.2 % by volume of alcohol, the actual alcoholic strength by volume* (l) a nutrition declaration ( not mandatory until 13 December 2014) *must appear in the same field of vision  Of the above mandatory list, foods which are non-prepacked foods must provide allergen information ( (c) above). Other indications from this list can be provided on a voluntary basis, however if a food business operator provides any information on a voluntary basis, the requirements set out in FIC must be followed. One of the new rules is about  Minimum Font Size: Read small font Mandatory information must be printed on the package or on the label in such a way as to ensure clear legibility, in characters using a font size where the x-height is equal to or greater than 1.2mm (as defined in Annex IV to FIC). In case of packaging or containers, the largest surface of which has an area of less than 80cm2, the x-height of the font size must be equal to or greater than 0.9mm. Information courtesy of the FSAI  FSAI logo  

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