Quality Training for Food Companies Selling in the UK

Group Learner Ltd. is based in Co. Donegal and provides a compliance training system for the Food industry. They have just signed an exclusive agreement with the UK's Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH) that fully Accredits and Endorses their Food training platform. What this means is that all their customers are now meeting the required compliance level as set out but CIEH - the leading UK authority for the Food industry! Group Learnerâ„¢ has been developed specifically to help Food companies who wish to sell their products into the UK, helping them meet all the workforce training standards required such as Food Safety Level 2, Health and Safety, Inductions, Procedure Management etc. This endorsement from the CIEH is great news and makes their platform the market leading training system for the Food industry and it is currently being used extensively across the UK by the likes of the Tulip Group, Vion Group, Bernard Matthews, Bakkavor, and Samworth Brothers to name just a few. The reason these companies are working with them is that they save them money and reduce their workload. GroupLearner has a unique way of training people in groups which helps get people trained faster, more effectively, at a lower cost and with less production downtime than any other method. You can learn a little more by visiting theirwebsite "grouplearner.com". On there you can access a few short video overviews that will explain exactly how they are working with the companies noted above. Contact: Barry Harper Group Learnerâ„¢: Training Solutions for the Hourly Paid Workforce UK Office: Units 19 & 20 The Triangle, NG2 Business Park, Nottingham, NG2 1AE. Telephone: 0844 774 3978 Irish Office: CoLab, Letterkenny Institute of Technology, Port Road, Letterkenny, Co. Donegal. Telephone: 07491 16000

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