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Are you thinking about setting up a small food business but have never been in business for yourself before? These Top Tips will help you think about the main issues that you need to consider along the way.  

You've got your foods ready for the shops, and perhaps you are already selling some through local outlets. Now is your chance to impress the big buyers. Its a nerve-wracking experience for even the most well established businesses. But fear not! If you follow this guide, you'll be well prepared and ready to face even those who might otherwise be the hardest to impress!

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So, you want to set up your own small food business but are not sure where to begin, what you're apposed to know or how you're going to remember it all, never mind be able to manage it all! This simple yet comprehensive Action Plan has pulled together everything you need to consider into one place - Recipe and Product Development, Benchmarking Competitors, Marketing, Distribution considerations, Equipment and Premises, Financial Management and Costs - everything in one list, which you can update and amend, put into a calendar and so keep everything together, including your sanity! 

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Oonagh is an engaging and enthusiastic speaker, and is available to talk about Food Business startup & growth, SME business development, female entrepreneurship, and Innovation & Creativity. Oonagh also encourages others to write and talks about how she commercialised her knowledge by capturing it in a book.

The Essential Guide to Starting Your Own Small Food Business

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Have you ever thought about trying to earn some money from producing food? Are you the person everyone goes to for their lemon meringue pies, apple tarts and other desserts for family occasions or other events? Do you have a garden of rhubarb or other fruit? Do you make jam every year and give it away when you could be selling it? Do you fancy the idea of making cheese or yogurt or ice cream but don’t know where to start?

If so, then this is the book for you! Learn more ...

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